//We would like to book our own camp.

We would like to book our own camp.

We would like to book our own tented camp

tented camp

We would like to book our own tented camp; this is a question we get asked frequently. And our guests have a variety of ideas, for which they would like to consider booking their own tented camp, and these include; birthday celebrations, weddings, company think tanks, amongst others. There are also folk who would like to book the camp for their own commercial use.

It is obvious for most of us to see why the idea of your own pop-up camp would be appealing, since it does offer an exclusive experience, almost anywhere that you please. It is extremely light on the environment, and there is generally little evidence of it being there once we have gone.

Having said all of this, and with an idea like this, which seems to be the perfect idea, there is a downside, and we will take a look at some of the considerations and input costs which are involved in setting up your own tented camp. And for purposes of this illustration, we will will consider a small camp of 10 tents. We say small as it is entirely possible to have your own tented camp of 100 tents.

3 basic input costs that we consider

  1. Distance across which the kit and equipment needs to be transported;

transporting 10 tents, along with all the associated crew tents, kitchen and dining tents, furniture, fittings and equipment will amount to approximately 3,5 – 4 tons. It will take anything from 2 to 5 days to get the equipment to the location that you have in mind, and once complete, this process is repeated to get the kit back to our stores.

     2. How long you would like your camp to be available to you;

Clearly incurring the logistical costs for a one night camp, would make the cost of each tent or bed expensive, and conversely the longer the camp is up, the cheaper the price per tent will become, as the fixed costs are then amortised over a longer period.

      3. Site access, fees, and available services;

We need to consider how accessible the site is to a truck, or perhaps we will need to use 4×4’s to get to the site. We would generally exclude any site fees from our charge, as this would normally already have been taken into account during the process of finding your site. And finally the availability of fresh water, in many cases we need to tank water to the site, whilst in others there is fresh water on-site.

The variable costs of a tented camp that we consider

  1. Catering;

Catering at the camp can vary from really basic, right up to a silver and crystal gourmet experience. Meals can held in dining tents, or at other locations, for example a remote bush dinner. Of course, the option of excluding catering completely is also available, and is the preferred option where clients wish to add accommodation to an existing establishment.

      2. Guest services;

Whilst our basic offering will always include providing showers, generally at a set time each day, and basic housekeeping, for example, we are often required to have crew on standby for guests to shower at anytime during the day or night. Additional requirements could include; pillow drops and turn downs, guest speakers and presentations, ala-carte menu availability during the day/night, full housekeeping services, and the list goes on.

     3. Guests length of stay;

Our clients camp occupation requirements vary considerably, from a series of one-night stays for many guests (back to back) or one group for 2, 3, 4 or more nights, costs related to guests checking in and out each day are obviously greater.

An alternative to booking your own camp

The second best thing to having your own camp, is having your own camp before, during, or after one of our existing camps. Simply contact us at wayne(at)wildernessexplorer.co.za and I will be happy to provide you with some date options where camp exclusivity can be offered to you. The costs of calculating exclusivity is fairly simple, we add only the basic costs any unoccupied tents (if any) to your accommodation total.

Branding your own camp

As with any establishment where you have secured exclusive use, our camps offer almost endless branding opportunities and could include; chair back covers, tent fly sheet printing (you will own the flysheets where we’re done, and they make for awesome shade nets), etc.

The next time you are considering a venue for your special event, give us a call, and we will be happy to chat with around some options, and if you don’t have a location in mind, we will find one for you which is central enough for all your guests. Booking your own camp may be just the right option.



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