Why do we charge for kids?

Why do we charge for kids?

Why do we charge for kids? Read on and perhaps the question will be; why do we only charge half price for kids? This is from the perspective of Pop-Up Camps, and from more than 20 years of hospitality experience.

And no, we do not dislike children, in fact we have a few of our own, and they really are quite cool to have around. In fact it was the desire to share wilderness experiences with kids that planted the seed, which is today, Pop-Up Camps SA.

Why do we charge for kids? A frequently asked question, and normally followed with one or more statements like these;

  1. They hardly eat anything!
  2. The kids sleep with us!
  3. They are really very well behaved and no problem at all!

Why do we charge for kids?

We charge for children because they cost us more than adults do.

How is this possible you are probably asking, and that would be a reasonable question, so we will start at the beginning.


We completely get how kiddies get excited when they run into a tent and see white linen covered beds, and the first thing they do is jump on the beds to test just how comfy they are. In the process pillows go flying in all directions along with the towels and amenities.

This is just kids being kids, and there isn’t a whole lot you or ourselves can do about this, short of tethering them to the patio pole.


Dinners are normally served from about 19h30, and since they are freshly prepared, our kitchen suicide hours start at 17h30 each day, and this is also generally the time when you may well be looking for a snack for your little one, and as much as this may not appear to be a significant challenge, it becomes one when someone else is back at 18h00, and then 18h30 by which time dinner preparation has come to a standstill… you get the drift.

Well, why don’t you make dinner earlier for the kids, you may be asking, well that is easier said than done when you are preparing meals in a tent, and besides the kiddies are most certainly going to be back at 19h30 for dinner again.


We understand that parents are very proud that kiddies can dish up for themselves, but it is not easy to see what is in the chafing dishes when they are above your head, and the only way to see is to scoop a spoonful, laying it out on the white table linen to inspect. Mmmm, looks good, I think I’ll have some, this time ill try and get it onto my plate. By about the 6th bowl, space on the plate is running low, and now would be a good time to make some space by nudging some of the excess off the plate.

Now we get to the table, positioning ourselves a fair distance from the plate and begin eating, occasionally we will use a knife and fork, but dexterity challenges make using hands a lot easier. And periodically we’ll use the rather large napkin (a white table cloth) to wipe our hands.

Did someone say ‘desert’ no problem, we’re done eating, not that it is obvious from the mountain of food still on the plate, and off we go back to the buffet to repeat the process. So, you would be right, they don’t eat as mush as an adult, but they help themselves to adult portions.

Washing the tables clothes after each meal is generally not a problem, but when one must wash the chairs as well, this becomes somewhat labour intensive.  


Not long after a hearty meal, or two, the excitement of the day catches up, and its time for bed, most kiddies are half asleep before they even get back to your tent.

It does happen that during the night, kiddies don’t quite get to the toilet before needing to go. In fact, often they don’t leave the bed before needing to go, and yes you guessed it.


We could go on, but we think you get the idea. And as much as we love having kids around, their excitement is infectious, they do cost us a little more than the average adult. Kids don’t have adult needs, but they have kiddies needs, and these too carry a cost, a significant one at that.

We trust we have answered the question, why do we charge for kids?


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