pop-up camp LOCATIONS

Luxury Tented Camps in magnificent locations

The second best thing to chatting with excited guests at one of our camps, is finding camp locations.

The more we explore South Africa, the more our jaws drop at the beauty that adorns this magnificently diverse country. Searching for locations, is an exercise in stretching ones imagination, and more often than not, this surprises prospective landowners, whom ever they may be, as much as it does our own.

There is no camp blue print, as each location presents its own unique set of opportunities, and we are all about providing as much guest experience flexibility as possible at our camps. It all starts with the camp footprint, next we consider what dining options are available to guests staying with us, and finally what activities are available. Naturally, where there simply are no feasible alternative dining options in close proximity to the camp, we provide a full board experience, having said this, we always offer at very least, a full English breakfast.

Finding camp locations in pristine areas, also means that, more often than not, these sites are along roads or tracks less traveled, so we regret that your low slunk two-seater may not make it. In fact please take special note of the access details, as we will always recommend what type of vehicle should be used, generally speaking, any high clearance vehicle will get to all our locations without a problem. Having said this, we have not yet had a camp where a normal sedan cannot reach the camp.

Please don’t hesitate to send Wayne an email at wayne@wildernessexplorer.co.za, and we will gladly add your contact details, and notify you as new camps open for bookings.

Upcoming Camps

Wild Coast Camp (Coffee Bay) – 15th March 2018 – 15th April 2018.

De Hoop Camp (De Hoop Nature Reserve – Western Cape) – 22nd September until 15th November 2017.

Baviaanskloof Camp (Eastern Cape) – 15th December until 8th January 2018.