Eco-Tourism Opportunities for Landowners

/Eco-Tourism Opportunities for Landowners


Let your wilderness location or stunning vista work for you.

Eco-tourism opportunities abound South Africa, in a variety of different forms, and very often landowners no longer see the wood for the trees.

Our definition of eco-tourism is pretty simple, and it occurs the instant that any natural resource derives revenue from tourists.


Experiential travel is no longer a buzz word, but has now become a popular travel trend, and we have found an active audience of folk who are constantly on the look-out for something different. Feel free to read more about this here.


As much as we like to think that South Africa is a year-round travel destination, this is not quite the case. And for a variety of reasons, like many other destinations, many of our eco-tourism establishments go through some pretty lean months, which impact the overall viability of these businesses.

Furthermore, and for very good reasons, it is also not always possible to establish permanent infrastructure in environmentally sensitive areas. And it is the ‘light on the earth’ characteristics of a pop-up camp, which makes them an ideal accommodation solution. 

If you have found yourself wondering if your piece of heaven could work as an adventure or experiential tourism product, you are at the right place.

Whilst conventional brick and mortar establishments are not our thing, natural wilderness experiences certainly are. And we believe that in order to establish luxury hospitality in a pristine environment, from which to offer awesome experiences, we need to adopt a solution which is extremely light on the earth – pop-up camps do just this.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to explore what opportunities you may have.