Own your own camp…


The pursuit of authentic wilderness experiences is rising in tandem with the frenetic pace of urban living. Discerning adventure seekers are constantly seeking out new and novel holiday experiences, and particularly those which can be shared with children. You can own your own camp and join this rapidly expanding travel phenomenon.

South Africa has always been a seasonal travel destination, and this applies to both foreign and local tourists. Traditionally, and quite apart from the domestic school holiday periods, most foreign tourists visit South Africa during the summer months. August however, is also considered a peak travel month and sees family travel from some European countries.

The seasonal ebb and flow of tourists often drains revenue earned during high season travel periods, to fund losses in the off-periods, resulting in marginal or reasonable returns at best.

A temporary tented camp is extremely light on the environment relative to traditional accommodation alternatives. And thus, can bring luxury tented accommodation to areas not seen before.

A “pop-up camp” is sufficiently agile to respond to high demand periods and is stored during low seasons.

Pop-Up Camps SA, is a privately-owned adventure tourism business, which is looking to expand to accommodate the increasing travel demand. And to this end, we are keen to engage with interested parties, who wish to invest in a pop-up camp.

No hospitality experience is required, but hospitable by nature is essential, as is energy and enthusiasm. Your camp will be supplied and set up for you at cost; marketing, sales, reservations and administration will be managed by Pop-Up Camps SA on your behalf. And successful operators will be required to deliver a high-quality guest experience. Pop-Up Camps SA could retain a small share in the business. 

In our experience, a significant number of our guests return to our other camps, if not returning to the same camp. Thus, each guest is an extremely valuable opportunity for repeat business, and again in our experience, they often return with friends and family.

The ideal operator has access to a wilderness location/s, and this descriptive is extremely broad, as the number of options are numerous and varied. There is a proviso, and that is there must be ‘things to do’ apart from the excitement of sleeping under canvas and enjoying authentic South African fare, freshly prepared daily.

Let us dwell for a moment on this term “wilderness locations” and in our travels we have been surprised by the number of potentially suitable camp locations, where the owner/s have long forgotten about the impact of what they see and experience daily.

Safety will always be a major consideration, and this applies to guests, crew, and to a lesser extent, kit and equipment. Typical locations could include; forests, clean rivers, lakes, mountains, coastal sites etc. ideal sites have low brush, shrubs and trees, as these make for effective wind breaks during windy months.

The camp can also serve as an extension to existing hospitality products, particularly during high demand periods.

A typical camp is complete with the essential kit and equipment to operate a standalone tented camp, which is able to accommodate a maximum of 40 guests, comprising a combination of adults and children.

A typical camp comprises a combination of; twin, triple, family, and large family tents, each with private shower and toilet tent. One kitchen tent, one free-form tent, two dining tents, and a storage tent. The camp also includes 6 crew tents. Naturally the ideal configuration of tents can only be accurately determined once the location/s are understood.

We would be pleased to share more with you, should this business idea interest you, and as we develop this concept.

Contact Wayne Pritchard.